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FPGA Solutions !

In today's market, cost reduction is a must to maintain competitiveness.  Our FPGA suppliers must go through a full vetting process as well as ongoing reviews to ensure we are not only buying quality parts but we are buying from quality suppliers.
At PESE Electronics, we're helping you create a secure platform to buy and sell FPGA product and help secure your supply chain.  Our FPGA solutions are low risk and 100 % quality guaranteed, so you can build the product you need within the time and budget you want. We're 100% committed to quality and also committed to fast and easy delivery to your target. 


Lower current buy prices by 20% or more
Parts are 100 % NEW and in original factory package
All product will be inspected and given the PESE 100% Guarantee
When franchise can't deliver, use our platform to securely buy parts  
When demand changes and you have $100,000 tied up in aging inventory, we can help sell and maximize asset recovery
We understand concerns of open market; we know how to navigate in these waters